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Hello, I’m Liz  – The Salemaker. I enable female entrepreneurs, small businesses and personal brands to sell without selling with new skills and know-how.  It really is that simple.  

So, click, shimmy and scroll you way though my website to find out how you can get results without the hard sell!

"The Salemaker is THE best way to increase sales.
Liz’s approach will build your business confidence, success and sales".

Do you hate the thought of ‘selling’?  Do you procrastinate and avoid tackling the phone?  Do your toes curl if you hear the words ‘presentation’?  Do you sigh deeply when you have to write marketing and sales communications?  Are you confused as to who your customer actually is?  Are you busy doing everything but selling? Feel lonely out there?

STOP! Stop right there, because you CAN change all of that. We all hate the hard sell right?  So, I shift the focus by ripping up the 'sales training' rulebook, instead using the natural selling talents we ladies were all born with. Say 'hello' to your soft-selling skills as they are about become your new best friend, and your secret sales weapon.

As a time-poor entrepreneur myself, I’ve developed agile learning solutions to suit your life and your business life – I understand the ‘spinning plates’ syndrome! With The Salemaker you’ll use active, 'hands-on' learning to create long-lasting change in your attitudes, habits and behaviours!

So, if you want your business to flourish and to have the work/life balance you crave, if you want to tune your sales activity up for success, if you want to remove all your limiting beliefs about ‘sales’ and selling and find those lifestyle wins through your business wins – you’ve found the right Mentor!

"Liz really ‘delivers’ in driving sales and generating revenue.
After we asked Liz to review our sales material and we secured new business worth £400k as a result".