I cut my teeth in sales at the tender age of 21 years, and eventually made it through to become the Business Development Director of some of the most famous marketing and advertising agencies in the UK. We’ve all heard of David Ogilvy, yeah? Mad Men? Well, for 15 years, my life was lived in the fast lane.

To do this, I drank Redbull, ate pizza and slept on my office sofa too many times to remember whilst preparing for the ‘next big pitch’.

It was dog-eat-dog, fast, political, frenetic and draining.

Eventually and inevitably I burned out, I had no life, I neglected family and friends and I was sad, most of the time.

I had fallen out of love with the pace and stress of my life, but definitely not with copywriting, brands, advertising, business, creativity, customers and everything else that makes up the beautiful world of selling!