Hey, I'm Liz and I'm a Sales Coach and Mentor. I help smart entrepreneurs to ditch their fear of selling and just get on with GROWING THEIR INCOME and LOVING WHAT THEY DO!.png

I’m here to help you and your business grow by placing your focus on sales but - and here’s the thing - we do it without the hard-sell because that would be yuk, yeah? Instead we use a softer, emotionally intelligent approach that means we can just…

But, this is the deal OK? We KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid! All successful sales strategies are really super-simple…

  • GET the right customers for your product or service

  • GROW the number of ways they engage and buy from you

  • KEEP your customers loyal to your brand, for the longest time possible


Don’t let anyone ever tell you that sales and selling need to be more complicated that this.

We use GET | GROW | KEEP in everything we do. If you fear selling, or simply don’t know where or how to start - or perhaps you end up procrastinating and doing everything else in your business EXCEPT selling!? Here’s where we take action and create change to grow your income.

So, click, shimmy and scroll you way though my website to find out how you can get results without the hard sell!

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Liz’s approach will build your business confidence, success and sales".