Your business cannot survive without sales. It needs a constant feed of new customers, it also needs to increase the sales it makes to its existing customers - in its simplest terms, as the business leader, you need to GET, GROW and KEEP customers EVERY DAY. And I mean EVERY day.

I see so many fabulous business ideas wither on the vine due to a lack of selling know-how. Entrepreneurs with such potential that get stuck because they fear having to be sales-sleazy to get what they want. And none of this is necessary.


The VIP Navigator - limited availability

Perhaps for the more established business and for those that need to address challenges with a little more coaching input, I can help. Using a proven staged process, you will gain clarity around your sales strategy, as I help you to awaken your sales mojo. with the focus you need to push your business forward and pop the results straight into your bank account...


Online learning - courses and workshops

I offer a range of DIY and ‘coached’ courses and workshops to help you sell with confidence and ease. We take the hard sell away and replace it with my ‘soft-selling’ methodology to help you create a true, customer-centric approach for your business. At your desktop, wherever you are in the world - join others like you to take the fear out of selling…


"Liz has an incredible intuitive sense of how to attract customers.
She understands business and has helped our business become a customer magnet".


If you need to sell, you need The Salemaker. When do we start?