“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 
Benjamin Franklin

So, this is how we can work together...

I am a freelance resource - this means you have as much, or as little as you think you might need, or that you can budget for. I am a great believer in Benjamin Franklins philosophy - we will get the best results by collaborating, and you can then use your new skills and knowledge to become the master of your own ‘business growth’ destiny!

Why Freelance?

Let’s face it, not everyone has the budget to hire a Senior Marketing and/or Sales Director. Business owners, especially Start-ups and SME’s, wear many hats - one day in ‘despatch’, and the next ‘Head of Sales’. And even if you did have your marketing strategy cracked, you don’t always have the time or resource to implement it. Overwhelm and despondency set in. The answer is to ‘hire in’ the know-how and experience, and find a manageable pace of implementation for you, your team and your budget.

So, if you have a particular issue or challenge - just get in touch and we can discuss the best possible solution. I can always be flexible in the way that I work.

One process that’s proven its’ worth time and time again with clients is ‘The Navigator’ - a clear, sequential process that builds to produce transformational results. It’s great for busy organisations as it gives space to ‘re-wire the house with the lights switched on’ - and provides a solid foundation for any start-up as it covers brand, marketing and sales.

And remember, as a ‘new comer’ to your business, I have an objectivity that helps you see your business a-fresh.


The Navigator.

Following a proven staged process - I can help get clarity around your marketing and sales strategy. I help to find your sales mojo and gain the momentum and focus you need. So, here’s what’s in The Navigator to help you...


Workshops and Coaching.

One-to-one or with your entire team, I offer a range of full- and half-day coaching workshops to get your organisation galvanised and motivated to support marketing and sales. These sessions ensure that your customer is put at the heart of all decision making to engender a true ‘customer centric’ culture. Using my ‘Soft-Sell’ philosophy, I’ll ensure your team are confidently equipped to support business growth…


"Liz has an incredible intuitive sense of how to attract customers.
She understands business and has helped our business become a customer magnet".


If you need to sell, you need The Salemaker. When do we start?